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At Memory Artists Studios, we are experts in all forms of filmmaking with equipment to perform any task that comes our way in terms of narrative, corporate videos, advertising, animation, or documentary production.

“Documentarians For Hire”

We pride ourselves on getting to know you and your loved ones’ lives and telling the stories that you have to offer.

At Memory Artists Studios, when it comes to capturing moments and subjects, we are the industry standard. We produce at minimum 5-minute commemorative documentaries to fit to your needs so that we can accurately remember an event or persons of your choosing with our service: Documentarians for Hire.

The service invites consumers such as yourself to have a short or long-form documentary profile piece made of themselves or loved ones to capture what are the most important moments in a lifetime. These doc films show what it was really like to the people who lived through important events.

This is the perfect piece of media for people having parties for anniversaries, retirements, graduation parties, weddings, and bar/bat-mitzvahs etc.

We have also found that people in families with dementia or Alzheimer’s patients use these films to capture the memories of their loved ones before it is gone forever.

Anyone can do a Powerpoint Presentation and Photo Slideshow these days and these products are no longer special. To get the right message across it takes the knowledge of a quality storyteller and that’s who we are.

Why not have us create a documentary film with professional filmmakers, a piece of media that will last for generations to come and learn about their history?

We are also able to do research profile documentaries that explore family lineages.


The 5-minute profile piece


The 25-minute profile piece

If you have any questions about the the Documentarians For Hire service, please click HERE to find out more in our FAQ section.
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At Memory Artists Studios, we are not just a one trick pony when it comes to Film and Video productions. We are able film, edit, light, direct and produce the following styles and products:

  • Features
  • Shorts
  • Animations
  • Corporate Videos
  • Advertising
  • Stop-Motion
  • Music Videos
  • Sizzle Reels
  • Acting Reels
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